"We started more than 40 years ago, modestly, with a few ambitious men and moderate means for work. Thanks to skill, enthusiasm and persistence of all employees, TRANSPORTŠPED has been recording only an upward line of development."


„TRANSPORTSPED“ d.o.o. BEOGRAD is a renown freight forwarding company in Serbia which has been for almost 45 years providing services of foreign trade mediation, freight forwarding and customs clearance services, organization of cargo transport in international and internal traffic (by trucks for full loads, additonal loads and groupage shipments, by rail, sea - container transport, air) as well as providing the services of storing goods in own public bonded warehouses and local distribution of shipments.

“TRANSPORTŠPED” d.o.o. provides the services of storing and safe-guarding drugs in our warehouse registered for medicinal products operation in compliance with business needs of the company for pharmaceutical products wholesale trade “MERCK” d.o.o.

Human Resources

“TRANSPORTŠPED” d.o.o. employs the professionals with rich experience at jobs of international freight forwarding, customs agency, transport and clearance of goods. Our company has 120 permanent employees, out of which number more than a half is a university degree cadre.

Nevertheless, the company regularly organizes schools for vocational trainings and specialistic education from the spheres of business planning, business communication, sales and negotiations, schools of computers and foreign languages, delivered by our most renown institutes and eminent lecturers.

All employees of the Customs department working at jobs of customs mediation and clearance possess the Certificate on completed course for customs agents organized by the Customs Administration, which is a team of 45 customs agents.

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Management team of university educated and highly motivated visionaries and experts are:

Development, achieved results, quality, promotions and reference list are the biography of this team.

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Membership in International Associations

„TRANSPORTŠPED“ d.o.o. BEOGRAD has been ever since its foundation a direct member of international organizations FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarder’s Association) and IATA (International Air Transport Association), and in that sense we are in position to issue their documents (FRC, FCT, FWR, FBL, B/L, AWB) and stipulate transport of goods to/from all world destinations under convenient conditions.

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Certificates and Acknowledgements

In 1999, “TRANSPORTŠPED” d.o.o. was awarded the Certificate of introduced quality system ISO 9002 for activity in the field of international freight forwarding. In February 2012 it was successfully re-certified for the fourth time pursuant to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 Standards for activity in the field of International and Internal Freight Forwarding and Storing.

In January 2010, TRANSPORTŠPED has been certified according to HACCP principles for health safety management of the goods intended for human consumption.

In 2015, ’’Transportšped’’ d.o.o. established and implemented an integrated management system. Quality policy, Environmental Protection and Health and safety at work of Company Transportšped are based on establishment and maintenance of market-oriented business system with continuous improvement of the integrated management system and enhancement of effectiveness and efficiency of the company’s business.

The best indicators of quality, efficiency and reliability in providing services from the domain of international and internal freight forwarding are numerous public acknowledgements, charts, letters of gratitude and medallions, among which the most significant are:

  • Certificate of Creditworthiness Rating of excellence in 2015 - TRANSPORTSPED is ranked as one of the top companies in Serbia which are authorized for use of status “A” as a symbol of Creditworthiness Rating of excellence.
  • Award ''BUSINESSMAN OF THE YEAR“ for business achievements in 2014 to Director Branislav Baćović awarded by the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce
  • Regional award “BUSINESS PARTNER 2011” in the field of transport and freight forwarding
  • National award  “OSCAR OF QUALITY”  for 2009 in the fields of leadership and employees contentment
  • Chart “CAPTAIN MIŠA ANASTASIJEVIĆ” for the best 2009 service company
  • Letter of Gratitude for participation in the action “BEST FROM SERBIA 2008” awarded by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Ministry for Trade and Services and Economic Review
  • Prize GOLDEN LINK for 2008,  awarded by the Cultural and Educational Community of Belgrade for continual contibution to culture of Belgrade
  • Chart “CAPTAIN MIŠA ANASTASIJEVIĆ” for the best 2007 service company   
  • Prize “The 2004 Victor of Belgrade” awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Belgrade
  • Prize ''KIKI'' awarded to our Manager for the “Businessman of the year 2004”
  • Freight forwarder of the year and YU Business Partner for the years 1997,1999,2000, 2001, 2002
  • European Quality Award - New Millennium Award – for the year 2000
  • Chart for achieved results in economy by the Yugoslav Chamber of Commerce for the year 1999
  • Prize ''SUN'' awarded by the Institute for protection at work
  • Our Manager was the winner of the Creativity Award for the year 1999
  • Our Manager was selected YU Manager of the year 1996

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