“We started more than 40 years ago, modestly, with a few ambitious men and moderate means for work. Thanks to skill, enthusiasm and persistence of all employees, TRANSPORTŠPED has been recording only an upward line of development.”
  • Human resources
  • Efficient organization
  • Optimal location
  • Own public bonded warehouse
  • Own customs terminal
  • Technical equipment
  • Reference list of eminent customers



Headoffice of the company as well as its public bonded warehouses and customs terminal are situated in the most attractive location, in the very center of business Belgrade.

In our neighbouhood are:

  • VIP

Our location provides an easy and convenient approach to trucks, whereas drivers can use the advantages of our parking lot.

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Customs Terminal

At the ideal location in the city center where we are, we have Customs Terminal where we carry out all customs procedures for goods of the clients who entrust us with their business. Alone, without presence of other freight forwarders, complete elimination of bottom necks in the process of documents receipt and electronic filing of customs documents make this job efficient and enable completion of operations of transit, storing and putting of goods in free trade within a period not longer than one hour.
Trucks are sent to this terminal directly from the border, without any delays at other customs terminals and without traffic restrictons.

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Rounded Customs Process

Electronic filing of documents performed by the personnel of our Customs department is another novelty and advantage which „TRANSPORTŠPED“ d.o.o. provides to its customers enabled by direct connection with the main computer of the Customs Administration of the Republic of Serbia. Such procedure of documents filing has a priority in treatment with the competent inspector of the Customs Administration in charge of customs documentation receipt.

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Customs Clearance Deadlines

Due to electronic filing of customs documents and constant presence of customs officers in our business premises, total customs clearance process at our customs terminal and public bonded warehouse is completed only one hour upon arrival of the truck at our customs terminal.

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Customs Terminals and Border Crossings

„TRANSPORTŠPED“ d.o.o. has offices with own business premises in Preševo, Vranje, Leskovac, Kruševac, Požarevac, Zrenjanin, Vrbas, Bečej, Subotica, Kelebia, Horgoš, Batrovci and port of Bar, Montenegro. In Belgrade we have branch offices at all customs terminals: Port of Belgrade, Railway Station Belgrade, Ranžirna Station Belgrade, Truck Terminal Belgrade, and also at Airport Belgrade. At all border crossings we cooperate with reliable, authorized customs agents.

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Financial Solvency

„TRANSPORTŠPED“ d.o.o. has own operating capital and is capable to finance, for needs and by order of its customers, the costs of customs and customs duties, VAT, insurance, transport costs as well as all other effective costs made in transport and cargo customs clearance procedure, with the aim to accomplich the requests of our customers as efficiently as possible.

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